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It was 2 instructors for 5 or 6 people. The instructors Ikaika and Granger were great. One of my girls was pretty nervous and she had so much fun. They both had a chance to catch a lot of waves. Definitely spring for the CD of photos. At the recommendation of the concierge at the Westin Villas, we booked a group surfing lesson for the 5 kids singles gratis online varkaus our vacation group two 12 years old, two 9 year olds and one 8 year old and it was money well spent.

Ikaika was their instructor and he was awesome. All 5 of them learned to surf and were on the board long enough get great pictures. The youngest of the group said that he was doing terrible and is the weakest swimmer of the 5 kids but that Ikaika encouraged singles gratis online varkaus and he was finally able to stay on the board and surf which we captured singles gratis online varkaus video.

The cd of pictures was totally worth it- they caught amazing shots, ones the kids will forever treasure. Great place to learn how to surf. The instructor Kao was awesome. Everyone was able to surf some small waves- all first timers. This was fun, definitely recommend! Probably one of the best experiences I have had in Maui by far! Would take these lessons over snorkeling any day.

Our instructor Josh as well as the other instructors were extremely friendly and great with first-time surfers. At first we were really nervous to go surfing, but we didn't go that deep and the waves were smooth for the most part. It's a pretty popular surfing area that is also open to the public. Most crowded times is aroundbut some people like the crowd.

The emptiest times are early in the morning and late evening. They also get awesome photos of you surfing that you have to pay for and coupons for local restaurants. Two thumbs up for this place and most importantly I know how to surf now! Don't forget to tip too!! These guys our AWESOME They really take there time to insure you are safe and you have a great time and my whole family learn to surf Thank's again Tom This was my first time surfing.

I had wanted to surf my whole singles gratis online varkaus. I finally got around to it at I was worried that I wouldn't be able to singles gratis online varkaus up in a wave. I singles gratis online varkaus my time had past. That wasn't the case. Josh was our instructor and he was so amazing at getting you into position to succeed. He made all of us in the group surf well. I felt like a natural but it was Josh singles gratis online varkaus gave me the confidence and the knowledge to get my ass up on a wave and surf.

If this is your first time definitely give the Royal Hawaiian surf academy a try. You will fulfill your dreams and have a lot of fun. Tour guide not watching the rest of group. Boy digging into coral. There has to be more safety concerns for the clients and singles gratis online varkaus that is Alive. These singles gratis online varkaus may have been the highlight of my trip. La'kaika was an awesome instructor and a lot of fun.

They are pros and enjoy their craft. This singles gratis online varkaus my son's second private lesson with the Royal Hawaiian surf company. He had such a great time last week with Granger that he had to come again this week. It was a short walk to the beach, where they went over the basics on land. Then they got right into the water. If you plan on taking pictures, make sure to bring a camera with a good zoom on it. They are usually pretty far out there.

They do dating for moro ikke alvorlig nivala people on the beach that take pictures. My son had such a fantastic time - he was standing up and riding the waves. I think if we were out here any longer, he would be begging to go again!!!! Just beware that public parking across the street is only 3 hours. I was there a bit longer and you could see the chalk mark on my tire. The apparel is reasonably priced, even more so after the coupon!

Friendly and very helpful. If its your singles gratis online varkaus time surfing you will surely ride a few waves before the session is over and they have singles gratis online varkaus camera man to capture that special moment when you first ride a wave all the way down to the beach. Took a private surf lesson with Kea. He was patient and super fun.

With great instruction, we stood up every time and got to ride at least 15 waves each in a short period of time. Our shoulders were definitely sore though. They also have a professional photographer that'll take photos of you as you ride the waves. I'd highly recommended purchasing the photos. If you're a couple taking a private lesson, just buy one CD with your photos. So, we have one disc with the exact same photos. I'd highly recommend this place to anyone.

First time officially surfing, and this was the place our friends referred us to. I cannot tell you how nice the staff is, but it showed throughout the entire lesson. Our first instruction was with Tavner, and he was fantastic teaching the basics and working with us. It didn't take very long at all to start catching our own waves and basically surfing with minor instruction.

Overall, we had a fantastic time. I recommend booking a semi private lesson, and asking for Tavner! This place is great! A very relaxed fun surf joint on Maui! My husband and took a surf lesson from Chad. He not only walked is through it and helped two inactive 35 year olds comfortable about attempting this amazing sport, he got us to stand up on EVERY WAVE! He also went through some surf heritage with us, which was pretty cool!

Next trip to Maui- take these lessons! You won't regret it! We did the group lesson and it was great. The group had six adults and two instructors went out with us. I think the groups are usually larger. We spent lots of time in the water. We waited as a group in a designated spot then each instructor would signal us out one at a time and help us catch a wave. We rotated like that until we were all exhausted.

I searched among a lot of surfing schools and finally decided Royal Hawaiian. It turned out my girl love it so much!!!!! First, they are very friendly and patient. They arranged kid's class basing on kid's singles gratis online varkaus while not pushing me to spend money. Coach ikaika is very nice and experienced. My 6 year old girl can surf immediately she started. He also paid great attention on her safety. Photographer Ric is singles gratis online varkaus incredible. He took most unforgettable pics of the kid.

We got 84 photos with a USB for just 25 dollars!!!

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