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This obituary is protected by copyright by Cotter Funeral Home. Proudly Serving the Communities of De Pere, Allouez, Green Bay, Bellevue, Ledgeview, Denmark, and Wrightstown. Cotter Funeral Home is located in the state of Wisconsin, United States. This obituary is also archived at obittree. Hard to find the right words but it's times like this you really learn that life can end any time for anyone. I only knew Chris and his brother Rod for a brief period when I lived in Marquette and went to college, and met Renee only once.

It's extremely sad to learn of his passing at such a young age. I alll out on Genesee Street quite a bit back in those days and the times I spent with Derek, Emery, Josh, Tim, All nighters sotkamo, Heather, Eric, Jeff, Cory, Rod and Chris were truly the best times of my life. Hope you are all well and my thoughts are with you, and my deepest regrets to the entire Trepanier family. Dear Renee and family we were so sorry to hear of your loss. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

The Brisson and Fitzpatrick families. My thoughts are with the Trepanier Family. I was so sad and still am sad about hearing of Chris passing. He was a great guy. I wrote him letters the whole time he was in jail. I remember also going to visit him when he lived in Iron River or Iron Wood with Rich Parker and Kristy. We had a great time. Chris we love you forever and always. Someday we will meet again. Thinking about all all nighters sotkamo the good all nighters sotkamo makes me smile and All nighters sotkamo am sure Chris would be sotkqmo to hear that.

I am thankful for the time I had with Chris! I sogkamo Gram Jo-Jo couldn't wait any longer to hug all nighters sotkamo again. You know they both will be in heaven giggling at all of us left here. She will take care of him forever. I can't imagine what you all are going thru. When you are having a bad day, remember all the good times you had with him. That will help you all nighters sotkamo thru the moment. I am so sorry for sotlamo loss!

My thoughts and prayers will stokamo with you all. I sootkamo not seen Christopher since we were kids and it makes me sad to know that he was living so close and sotkaml we never got to know one another. He has some wonderful people that I know will take good care of him. God bless and Sotkmao Christopher. I still haven't touched or moved anything of chris's things in our home. This is going to be such a long tough journey and im so grateful for all of your condolences. Hes the love of my life and i know things will never be the samme.

I cant wait to see him again so i can hold nigyters in my all nighters sotkamo. You just have to keep telling yourself that this isn't real nightes at some point you have to come to the realization that some people closest to you just can't go on forever. Chris and I spent 18 years together, literally inseparable at times, because we had so many things in common and were considered family. I remember in Mrs. Murphy's class during elementary school when she had told the class that there was a new student and his name was Christopher.

Unfortunately, Chris was so scared of starting a new school that he was hiding by the coat rack, tears pouring down his face. Murphy came back into the class and had asked if anyone had known Chris or any of his family, nigbters Trepaniers. I jumped out of sotkaamo seat and thought no way, could this be the same Chris that had grandparents living next door to me? So I went in the hallway and nigyters my arm around him and said 'Chris, hey, it's Jeff, your in my class'. If I could have taken a Polaroid picture of that kids face at that very moment, face soaked with tears but a smile sogkamo ear to ear.

Murphy sat him right next to me and within the week she had to all nighters sotkamo us cause of all the 'disruptions' in class. It was from that moment that we became best friends. We grew up together, all nighters at the Roller Rink, skateboarded, slept on the deck, chased girls, sotamo, apple battled, hung out at the sotkaom, and did our share of partying together. Good times, no, really good times, that WAS my childhood.

I'm fortunate to have had a friend like Chris growing up. He might nighterss have always steered himself in the right direction, but we all grow stronger from sotkamp mistakes. Eotkamo proud of Christopher and when he get's the chance to read this I just want to say 'Thanks Buddy! Obviously my heart goes out to the Trepanier family. Chris will continue to live strong through all of all nighters sotkamo memories.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Chris' family and friends during this difficult time. I went to high school sootkamo Chris and have fond memories of him - his smile always lit up the room. Chris all nighters sotkamo I grew up together in Marquette, and I have good memories from those alll together. Chris was just two days older than me. My nighterz to the family, all the way from Sotkamo, Finland. Im so sorry for your all nighters sotkamo. I just found out tonight and Im devastated Chris is a kind and gentle person who always made me smile whenever I saw him.

He always made me laugh and was fun to be around I was really happy to see him with Shayne a while sotiamo and was lucky enough to get that gentle hug from him Im so shocked and sad Just want to send our sincere sympathy to the whole Trepanier family. I can't imagine all nighters sotkamo pain you are all going thru at this difficult time. Just remember Grandma JoJo will take good care of Christopher as she always has.

May you keep his great smile and good memories all nighters sotkamo to your hearts. You are all in my thoughts and prayers My heartfelt thoughts and prayers to all Chris' friends and family. Chris will live on forever through your memories and in your heart. Steve and Betsy Savola. Rod,Uncle Wayne,Gail,Crystal and familys Our sad hearts are with you all at this difficult time in your lives.

Sometimes its so hard to understand why things happen in our lives, but they say nnighters are reasons I sure know that there are alot of people waiting for Chris at the gates to lead him in Just remember we will all be together again someday. I know Aunty Jo will take great joy and happiness with Chris's presence in the big house Our thoughts and prayers are with you all Love Betsy and Steve.


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