Dating Girls In Riley In

Riley Matthews and Lucas Friar are still figuring out the nature of their relationship after the kiss heard 'round the New York Subway on the Girl Meets World season one finale. So far in season two, the fictional couple that has been dubbed by fans as Rucas and is also shipped by ABC Family star Bailee Madisonhas decided not to rush anything. Which leaves us wondering: What is Rowan Blanchard and Peyton Meyer 's relationship like in real life? Should we start shipping them as passionately as we ship Raura?

Obviously, there's a bit of an age gap between Row and Peyton and it's clear they are really close friends But what could the future hold? We have no problem shipping their future relaysh, no matter how long it takes for them to get together. Just like their Disney Channel characters and just like Topanga and Cory, it seems like they're meant to be. Click through the gallery to check out 10 reasons why Rowan and Peyton would make the perfect couple, then let us know: Do you ship their real-life relationship?

Sound off in the comments below! They get along so well as Riley and Lucas. Isn't it possible that chemistry can trickle into their real lives? What dating girls in riley in were you born? May 27, at 4: Share Tweet Pin it. Their on-screen chemistry is undeniable. Keep up with Rowan Dating girls in riley in in the pages of M Magazine by subscribing now!

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